Jane’s Fellowship Program

Please see the information below and the attached documents for details on how to apply for Jane’s Fellowship Program – a 12-month learning experience.The deadline to submit the application for this program is  JULY 2, 2021.

  • The Russell Family Foundation is now seeking applicants for the ninth class of “Jane’s Fellows.”  Jane’s Fellowship Program is a 12-month learning experience for community leaders living in Pierce County.  The Fellowship focuses on deepening personal strengths and skills, and offers financial, logistical and educational support for participation.  We hope you’ll help us identify candidates.
  • Information posted on the TRFF website describes the program and the types of participants we hope to find.  Many people working to make life better in Pierce County do not see themselves as leaders, and they often function outside institutional structures.  Please help us reach out to community members who are engaged at the block, neighborhood, or community level. Printed brochures are available; if you would like some, please contact us and we’ll arrange to get them to you. Jane’s Fellowship Program staff are ready to assist;  please call us at 253.857.1664 or email  with any questions, comments, or to let us know how we can help. 

Please reach out if you have any questions,

Executive Team, CHW Collaborative of Pierce County:

Cathy Tashiro, Ina Smith, Nary Pung, Jan Runbeck, & Lupe Anitema


Class 9 Jane’s Fellowship Fillable Application

Janes Fellowship Class 9 Recruitment Brochure May 3 to July 2 2021