Ruthie Stark-Redman, MS

LCDC, QMH-CS, OSAR Counselor

Exodus II Clinical Counseling

1100 NASA Parkway
Suite 201 A
Houston, TX 77058
Office: 281.904.6512

Ruthie Stark-Redman, MS LCDC, QMH-CS, OSAR Counselor

Ruthie is the founder of Exodus II Clinical Counseling (private practice) - a comprehension treatment for “Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Disorders.”

Before devoting her work to Exodus II, Ruthie was involved in working for a mental health and substance abuse agency, as part of the ACT-Team, specializing in dual diagnoses. Ruthie conducts comprehensive assessments and screenings to determine LOC and recovery plans.

Ruthie’s background includes over 40 years collaborating with Community Development, City Managers, County Commissioner, State Representatives, School Superintendents and the NAACP in the Lake County and within the State of Ohio.

Ruthie created a Book Club at Lake Erie Correctional Institute, with the assistance of English professors from Kent State University, Kent, OH. Ruthie currently makes her home in the Galveston, Texas area.

Ruthie's clients include:

• Adolescents
• Adults
• Families
• Professionals