Denise has been an advocate for the underdog her entire life. She gave a voice where it was needed in the foster care system for years championing for the children born into a life of uncertainty.

Through the years she has advocated for hundreds of children crediting them for teaching and changing her. Denise’s life transforms over again with the adoption of exceptional children.

Denise spends her time volunteering in schools and community. She thrives on black coffee, business and blessings. She has mastered the art of creating lemonade from lemons.

Denise is one of the founding members of the non-profit organization Special Education Advocates League, SEALK12.  They are a team of professional volunteers who believe the student is the center of any discussion and with  SEALK12 Leader, Helen Caldart’s  continual guidance,  encourages all of us to work toward supporting the individualized and unique needs of the student.