About Us

On The Road with PartnerCafe is a nonprofit that brings social and Community Services to people. We host resource tables at events in and around Pierce County, WA and beyond.  Our team members and Partners attend these community events and share information, services and resources from their organization. Additionally, we offer flyers and brochures from our long list of OTR Partners who can’t attend in person.  We represent City, State, and Federal agencies along with nonprofit organizations, self-advocates and everyday people.

A little History…

PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap across Sectors is where it all began. PartnerCafe was created in 2012. Program Managers, Directors and Executive Directors representing a cross section of social and community concerns came together to discuss what was happening in their respective organization/agency. We ask 4 questions: 1) What do you have? 2) What do you want? 3) What do you need? & the most important is the “ask”, 4) How can the group help? What we learned was the significance of our interdependence. We are inextricably connected at our core missions.

From that On the Road with PartnerCafe was born in 2020 to take action and address the community needs and gaps in service discussed at PartnerCafe meetings.  We responded to the information and turned it into action and urgency...that's who we are. We go anywhere to reach anyone in need. We hope when you visit our website, you leave with a clear sense of who we are and why what we do transforms lives, especially our own.