Lemmell was born in St. Louis, Missouri and  raised in a Military family  in Tacoma,  Washington.   She graduated from Pierce College with an AA in Business Management.  It continues to serve her entrepreneur spirit well.  For over 10 years Lemmell worked on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline-beginning at the Delta Junction, ending at Prudhoe Bay.  She recognized a need rarely spoken of and volunteered for the Suicide Prevention Help Line in Anchorage Alaska.


Those skills were clearly on display in her role at Quest/Century Link as Customer Service , Collections & Communication Specialist  for over 13 years.  Lemmell created and ran a Janitorial Service in Tacoma for 9 years.  She took on the difficult role doing Hospice Care.  Lemmell cannot pass a homeless woman on the street without wondering what she can do to create a way for them to transition to a stable transformed  life filled with renewed hope.


Lemmell’s love of people means she rarely meets a stranger. Her faith provides, protects, and enables her to serve others. She supports Disabled American Veterans, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.


“Success is doing  what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity, focus, ease and grace.” Faith Makes  A Way