On the Road with Partner Cafe: A Direct Service Mobile Team + company logo

On the Road with Partner Cafe (OTR) is a 501(c)3 “Boots on the Ground Direct Service Mobile Team” – distributing information, sharing resources and bringing “social” services to communities near and far.

Our core function draws on the activities and guidance gathered from a consortium of professional providers and community leaders – recognizing their interdependence in responding to the needs of diverse communities.

Our Mission

To bring information, resources and provide direct services to anyone, meeting them as they are, and where they are. To walk with those in need making sure we leave them empowered, respected and their questions answered to the best of our ability.








Our Purpose

Build Community Capacity and Collective Empowerment into everything we do to help stakeholders collectively impact the quality of life for the communities they serve and beyond, making sure no one is left uninformed.

Our Vision

Provide safe spaces for vulnerable populations to meet and collaborate  with nonprofits,  community organizations, self-advocacy groups and city, state and federal agency decision-makers.

What They Say

” PartnerCafe is a warm, welcome open forum that is composed of different organizations that service and educate the community.”

Kelly Perkins

Loan Originator, US Bank

Partner Café is a  good place to meet others who care about social justice and serving the community.” 

Paul Valenti

Mayors Office for Senior Citizens (Retired)

“Partner Café has been tremendous in allowing me to meet with other business and nonprofit organizations that I am able to collaborate with on a one on one basis. The meetings allowed me to Gain valuable knowledge about resources and services that I am able to use in Real Time to assist the clients I work with. Thank you Partner Café.”

James Hunter

Real Estate Broker, Skyline Properties