Who’s right?

During my studies of history I always silently chuckled while scratching my head in trying to understand how each side prayed to their God to be safe during battle and victorious in the war. I could see each soldier, as they rested their head each night, asking for a quick victory. They all knew that God was on their side. They all knew that they were fighting an unjust war. They were right in their convictions and righteous.

When that war was over, one side would claim victory louder than the other side. However victory was defined, the loudest got to write the story and as they touted their virtuous deeds they demonized the quieter victor. And of course God was on their side because, as everyone knows, they won.

Okay, huh and what? I didn’t know and still don’t. It wasn’t that one side had the upper hand in the number of soldiers or weapons? Maybe one side won a few pivotal battles, changing their odds? Maybe the victors had better intel, or maybe more experienced leaders? I guess I need to learn exactly who decided that God had a favorite.

Now the subject about God having a favorite can get a bit sticky. Am I a heretic or being blasphemous for even bringing up the topic? Here’s my one and only question: If God actually is willing to let thousands upon thousands die, be maimed, raped, tortured or displaced by violence, then it is alright for children to suffer and die from cancer, starvation, abuse, neglect or any other disease, illness or cause, right?

That’s all I really wanted to know.


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