The Pendulum

I have heard people say that the truth is always the truth, that to disagree is a sign of lunacy, or something similar, and that that person should be shunned. To believe in a conspiracy theory is simply to out one’s gullibility. To think differently than the majority is to show ignorance or dissidence. To be different, think differently or disagree is to actively rebel against the status quo. Well, that is, unless your particular rebellion is the latest and greatest fad.

These days it’s fashionable to be gay, and/or identify as something other than the description on one’s birth certificate. Okay, cool down there reader. If you don’t know me know that I am a lesbian and married to a woman. I’m not a hypocrite but rather somewhat of a cynic.

The fact that so many people can come out of their closet, live a lifestyle that sets them free, or be their true selves, its fricking awesome. And I too benefit from this fad. But like all fads, it will also fade into the background.

And again, whoa! Calm down reader.

A fad I say? Yes, I say. Everyone likes to be part of the new unique. The latest and greatest is considered a fad until it becomes the norm, and being gay or identifying differently than one’s birth certificate is slowly moving in that direction. Slowly more people are acknowledging, accepting, or at least recognizing it as the new norm. Yay! Another milestone for our society. If any naysayer disagrees, just look at the new laws being written.

My cynicism arises from the peer pressure to be different, in a predictable way. I had someone tell me that they were looked down on because they didn’t identify as bisexual. They stood firm on being straight while being criticized for not following the fad. Another example is that of being pressured to follow the fad and become someone they are not. Guess what can happen in both cases; isolation. They feel even more alone. Being kicked out for not assimilating or being a fraud for assimilating. Both suck, trust me.

This above example, I could use the outline of it for so many other fads in our culture; politics, religion, clothing, cars, music, etc. And remember something, if you disagree with the fad, find it stupid, immature, insane, or even pollyannaish, know that someone thinks that about you when you go along with whatever fad is pushing through our society. Be it good or bad, right or wrong, it is part of the pendulum of change and growth.

E.T. Aka Annie