Several years ago a young man, aged to his eleventh year, informed me of his opinions on those who believed in Santa. That old, chubby man with a red nose from the cold and a smile permanently positioned on his face, that’s the guy this young man was speaking of.

I’m not the religious type, finding no reason in my personal life for that community. I’m a loner who often prefers the quietness and predictability of solo-ing, or the company of a more furry, four legged type of entity. That being said, I do celebrate with religious communities and their particular holidays, mostly out of respect for my family and friends. (Plus the pending smorgasbord.)

I had to stand back and consider my viewpoint of this possibly mythical figure before answering. Yes, I am not alone when I say that I have never seen him. I have never been in the room when he dropped by for cookies and milk. And I am not sure if I should trust my parents when they say that they have been in his presence. But the same thing could be said about the existence of both sets of my grandparents. (I never saw them either.)

After mulling over the situation I decided that yes, indeed I do believe in Santa Claus, old Saint Nick.

Before I explain myself let me remind all of those who read this- I was talking to and attempting to convince an eleven year old boy. (I wouldn’t bother wasting my time with an adult, their ability to believe in magic left with their youthful innocence.)

Firstly, I explained that the mere idea someone was giving me gifts because I was nice definitely didn’t suck. Secondly, I pointed out that he can’t see God but he knows God exists. Hence, I feel that I should be able to believe in Santa, and the magic behind him, without judgement from an eleven year old boy.

I guess the take away from this is that I will always believe in Santa, no matter what the adults in the room dictate as acceptable. I see no harm in believing that a grandpa-ly figure, who represented Christmas during my formative years, spreads joy and happiness to everyone on December 25th. (Even though the adult me is witness to the harsh realities of life.)

Merry Christmas to all of the Humbuggers and to all of those who want to believe.

E.T. Aka Annie