A best friend is someone who will delete your browser history when you die. A best friend never needs an explanation. A best friend gets your quirkiness, your pet peeves, your dumb moments and your brilliant ones too. A best friend is always ready with an alibi, because so often they are your co-conspirators. A best friend is just there and they just get you, it’s that simple.

I have had the same best friend for 50+ years. Sure, at times I have had an additional best friend, but due solely to location. I haven’t lived in the same zip code as my best friend since 1989, when I graduated from high school. But we have never been more than a phone call away. Well, except for those rare times when sibling rivalry takes over our individual pride. But that’s what Tustison’s do.

I had just turned 1 year old when my mother brought home my younger brother, Fred. According to her, I informed her, in gibberish mind you, that I would be taking over as big sister and she need not bother with any areas due a big sister’s guidance. And I must acknowledge that I did a fabulous job

It’s said that we can never go home. Thank goodness because even though youth has its advantages being an adult has many more. And hanging out with a best friend as an adult opens up a world of possibilities. Plus, I still have the imagination of a ten year old. The possibilities were and are endless!

Though time has settled the both of us, memories, a touch of our father’s flair for fun, and a hint of our mother’s sneakery, we can still be a force to reckon with.

E.T. Aka Annie

“Knowledge is Power, Knowing is Empowering.” E.J.A.T.