I Need To Rent A Teenager

I remember watching my mother trying to figure out the clock on our VCR player. I used to jokingly say “you’ve got to be smarter than the VCR!” I remember doing such things for the adults around me, wondering how they managed to get to their age. Guess what: I’m officially stupid.

I thought that I was wise because I would tell all of my contemporaries to use YouTube when they need help with anything. (Contemporaries means belonging to the same time. Now the youngsters don’t have to look up the word, like it’s so time-involved.) I’ve accomplished many DIY projects around my home thanks to YouTube.

Part of being an adult means paying bills, at least in my definition. And January is when my SUV’s tags come due. Me, being adult-ish at that particular moment, I went online to pay for new tags. I thought that I would be extra adult and get a receipt, in case the po-po pulled me over I could at least show that I paid for the replacement.

It’s truly amazing just how fast I can go from being smart to being old. See, it’s my girlfriend’s printer and the first time I used it. (Long story short) It took me over 45 minutes to figure out how to print one damn receipt.

Now, instead of pushing YouTube, I’m going to start suggesting that my contemporaries hire a teenager. I’m not sure about their user-friendly abilities, but at least I can just point at my problem and say “fix?”


E.T. Aka Annie

“Knowledge is Power, Knowing is Empowering.” E.J.A.T.