“Me On Any Given Day”

Me on a bad day:

I didn’t beg you then
I didn’t curse you either
I didn’t ask you why
I didn’t hate you instead
I just walked
With or without you

I didn’t understand then
I don’t understand now
I didn’t cheat back then
And I don’t steal now
I gave then willingly
I contribute freely now

I screamed out
I cried out
I hurt to find a reason
I bled to understand
The knowledge scarred me
The wisdom mutilated my soul

I stand now alone
As I stood alone then
I am no victor
For I feel only torture
I cannot fathom
This existence a win

Then am I not the loser
For I can see only dread
My mind and soul are scorned
My life a life not lived
A being yet to be
No more, please

Am I not worth more
My suffering and struggles
For all of my pain
For all of my grief
Am I not worth more
I am not worth more

Me on a good day:

Let’s rock this taco shack!

Stay sane my friends.

E.T. Aka Annie