Warming Centers for December 2021 Cold Weather

Message from Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness ….
It is getting cold. It is getting snowy. It is Inclement Weather time – where we focus myopically on one goal and one goal alone: no one dies.

Inclement weather has been called for today Saturday, December 25th, 2021 through at least the end of the week. Overnight shelter capacity is available at multiple sites, including immediate access right now to:

All day center locations and details are available on the Coalition’s Day Center Information Page
Additional overnight shelter locations (on the 25+ shelters in the system) and fuller details are available on the Coalition’s Overnight Shelter Information Page .
We are working to keep bed availability updated regularly on the Overnight Shelter Information Page. As you know, it isn’t going to just get cold, but really, really cold. So, a significant number of additional resources are coming on line Sunday night – I’ll provide an update on those shelters and how to access them in tomorrow’s Inclement Weather email (although some details are already listed on the Overnight Shelter Information Page).
Stay safe,
Gerrit Nyland
Director of Operations
Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness