There is a time for fun and a time to adult. Fun is the ability to laugh at one self’s blunders and see the ridiculousness around them. It’s the ease at which one finds themselves in when having to be and do adult things. Fun reduces the unhealthy effects of being an adult and can heal one’s mind if one is open to the healing.

Adulthood sucks. Dealing with life and death, being accountable for not just the adult’s actions but everyone and everything they influence. It’s the inability to step back, take a deep breath, and allow one’s self to accept help.

Why, I ask, do people want to be the best at adulting? Not just their best but THE best. And if the topic of fun comes up it’s always tainted by the adult mindset. The fun becomes constrained, harshly defined and lacking in any true healing. It’s just way too serious.

Seriousness is at the core of being an adult. It’s as if they lost their funny bone. Everything is real, painful, hurtful, somber, reality in the coldest sense, overly fact-full. It’s just plain boring, mostly. This author will bow to the liberties adulthood retains, but that’s it.

It seems that all of adulting involves conversations with a mix of redundancies, flawed facts and arguments, and all of the emotions that tether around the neck of the conversers, aka talking heads. I thought adults were mature and saw past such influencers.

My concern rests with the adults who were never children. Those who are unable to laugh at themselves. For they are quite adept at laughing at everyone else but when it’s their turn things somehow find a way to get serious.

There is no fun in seriousness, just adulting, redundancies, flawed facts and arguments, and too much emotion. Emotion lacking fun, without laughter is an over abundance of ice cold control. But, it’s actually the fear of the loss of control. It’s the fear of everyone seeing that they might be their best but not the best. Seriously?

E.T. Aka Annie