One reason we live in a great country is because of our legal system. Our forbearers worked, under pressure from the loyalists and fear of being executed by the Crown, to create a document that kept any government from taking over this country and eliminating our God given rights. Those rights were given to us by God, not by our ancestors or heritage, not because of money or wealth, not because of the color of our skin and not because of the lack of imperfections one might have.
Yes, it took too long for the last part to be included, but here we are. We are transitioning from Equality to Equity, and suffering all of the growing pains that a people must feel for this change to occur. Some oppose any change, some oppose the speed of the change, others oppose the type of change and some are willing to stop the change or stop those wanting to stop the change. Here’s the interesting part: no one can understand or tolerate anyone who isn’t in 100% agreement with them. Obviously our history classes are lacking.
I’m not the first to admit this but I don’t agree with everything our government does. Shocking, right? But then I rarely agree with anyone or anything 100%, especially if I am not receiving the win on the coin toss. Is it fair to make a victim of a violent crime face the suspect in open court? Not if you are the victim. But if you’re the suspect absolutely. The right to face one’s accuser is a foundation of our legal system. Our country would be stuck in 1600’s Salem, where if someone was accused of performing magic they would at least be tortured if not killed. Just a whisper to any authority and one could lose their life. Nah, no thanks.
As I have watched or participated in the changes I have noticed something utterly reprehensible. And that is those who are most invested, either way, are also those who lack the most civility. Honestly I would hope that they would show the most courage and patience, standing up for what they believe, but disrespect, disgrace, destruction, violence and hatred seem to take over.
I have been on that chopping block a few times and it lacks the justice we all know so well. On several occasions it has been brought to my attention that I have said something that someone didn’t like and I needed to not only apologize but reform as well. When I ask to whom I should apologize I always hear crickets rather than names. Somehow I lost a legal right in this process.
Now I’m confused. We all want our country to be its best, but we don’t all agree how. O.k. We want justice for all, except for those that don’t agree with us on what that looks like. Huh? We all want the ability to succeed but only at the cost of our most successful. What? We want to live authentically even if we have to force people to live that way. Seriously? We want to be free but we need more laws to obtain that freedom. Now I’m speechless.
I’m all for freedom. I’m all for equality. I’m all for equity. I’m all for working towards a more perfect union. But, I’m not for barbarism in the pursuit of one.
BTW By “Forbearers” I don’t just mean “forefathers” but all of those women, men, black and white, in the background and not in the history books. They were just as vital, if not more, as those who signed the Declaration.
E.T. Aka Annie
“Knowledge is Power, Knowing is Empowering.” E.J.A.T.