With the world occupied with a pandemic, paying bills, hate and violence, stocking up on toilet paper and baking supplies, I have managed to skip most of the drama. I have enough to battle inside my head. It takes courage to keep walking while not falling into the traps all around us. It takes more courage to fall in, get back up, dust oneself off, admit the failure and walk again.

When my focus blurs, my attention sways, and my determination diminishes, I stop and look in the mirror. That person looking back is the one judging me, and the one I have to keep happy. The reflection asks only one question: what is the single most important thing to you Annie? What single path will lead you to all directions, giving you everything you need?

I have known the answer for a few years now, but I seem to forget because I am distracted by the outside world. When I am true, through being honest with myself, by doing the morally right thing, by standing tall when everyone else sits down.

The gifts that come to me are never ending: True and loyal friends, pure love, unconditional acceptance, and no regrets.

Thank you mom for teaching me about the true beauty all around us and how to obtain it.

E.T. Aka Annie