I’m offended

This seems to be the go-to phrase when anyone doesn’t like or agree with something. I didn’t realize that I have been offended my entire life. Sometimes with strangers, acquaintances, or family, sometimes with the news anchor, politicians, or the social elite, sometimes with the label size sown on my clothes, with the labels on food I eat and even sometimes myself. But, I think “with myself” the most.

This being offended thing seems to be the new norm. Or, have I just been too ignorant to appreciate others’ level of offensitivity? Yes, it’s a new word, I just now made it up. Offensitivity; meaning overly sensitive to innocent comments that were not intended to hurt anyone’s self identity, self esteem, self awareness or self or group intolerance, et cetera.

Crap, I just offended myself again! I think that last bit had a smidge of micro aggression. Maybe I am also angry with myself. It seems that my personal “offended” has lead to personal anger. I didn’t see that coming. Now I’m wondering if others are self angry too. Hmmm.

I’m not sure what other doctors say, but my doctor has explicitly stated/warned that self anger is down right bad juju. I’m supposed to avoid self anger activities, which I must admit sounds like a pretty healthy idea.

I’ve got a splendid thought in regards to my self anger; stop being so darn offended. That does seem a bit simplistic but on the other hand it seems a bit obvious too.

Can it be this easy? If I’m less offended then I am also less angry therefore I am healthier and happier. This must mean that I should be open minded to those who probably unintentionally offended me. I shouldn’t assume that their comment was a personal attack.

You know, I just realized that I am not offended with being less offended. Wow, I definitely didn’t see that coming. I only wish that I could share this little nugget of wisdom, because obviously having less anger in the world is a good thing. Less anger leads to healthier and happier people, which leads to more acceptance, which leads to a more inclusive society. And by inclusive I am including those who unintentionally offend us.

You know, I am not offended anymore. Thanks for letting me vent. I’m much happier now.

E.T. Aka Annie