PartnerCafe – Bridging the Gap Across Sectors

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“PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap across Sectors “ began as a consortium  of city, state and federal  social service decision-makers coming together with  community organizations, self-advocates and activists.   Our purpose simply put was to recognize our interdependence when serving diverse populations addressing multiple social problems.

We knew from the onset just recognizing social issues that have existed for years was not going to be enough.  It demanded action. This revelation created “On the Road with PartnerCafe” a newly formed 501c3 whose sole purpose is to reach people as they are by putting “boots on the ground”  taking the resources and services we individually represent where they are needed.

As we work to change our communities and build on what we know, we recognized our website would also need to reflect our newly formed 501c3.  is a labor of love built on the knowledge that by working together, we will achieve  Amazing Things!