About PartnerCafe - Bridging the Gap Across Sectors


PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap Across Sectors is a consortium of Independent providers; nonprofit organizations, city, state and federal agency representatives joining special needs advisors, activists, self-advocates, and dedicated community leaders.

We believe we are stronger...as an interdependent collective.

We Benefit from this truth...through shared transparency.

We Believe...we have the courage and will to find inclusive solutions.

We Ask...the hard questions fearlessly listening to voices, backgrounds and experiences vastly different than our own.

We Believe communication must be consistent...across each Sector and individual.

We Accomplish...this through clearly defined goals.

We Believe...every individual has their own God-given gifts and talents.

We Build...on strengths, what we have in common and learn from our differences

We Believe...in the vision of the millennial partnered with the wisdom and tacit knowledge of the seasoned professional.

We Grow and Mature...tirelessly learning from those we serve with “Boots on the Ground”.


We Engage.

We Inform. 

We Act.

We are better together!